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Custom Development

Whilst OnSite Companion and our other products are the most configurable and scalable solutions in the industry straight out of the box; there are often urgent gaps that appear in this fast paced market. The complexity and pressure evident in the construction space often leaves little room for error. 

Growth brings challenge and our ethos is to help our clients grow. It is in Companion Systems DNA. We have built a custom development offering in order to rapidly respond to ever changing requirements in a rapidly changing space.

Our exceptional development team is driven to create world class software solutions, combined with our extensive industry knowledge, Companion Systems is ideally positioned to help drive world class outcomes. With a laser focus on client requirements our custom development team is the first

choice for major builders, contractors and suppliers in the residential industry.

Our proven track record in delivering timely solutions within budget is a testament to our ability and a credit to our team. From first design to going concern management Companion Systems custom development team delivers quality and simplified solutions to some of the most challenging problems in the industry.

We have three development options available and this allows us to provide an exact fit for all circumstances. The choices are outlined as follows 


Standard Request

These are email or phone in requests or user group requests, which can be put on our road map, then put to our user group and developed at no cost.

This is the best option for features that are not urgent.


Accelerated Development

This is when time is of the essence and the solution is of a high value to the business. In order to qualify the feature must add broad value to the product.These features are often built into the product and as a result Companion Systems will keep the rights to the developed solution however the cost of development reflects this. The solutions are offered for at least 50% off the cost of development, our client is empowered to be part of the design process directly and granted the ability to sign off on the developed feature. Early access is also assured.

Maintenance and ongoing costs are normally also included in the build cost (excluding hosting). Most importantly our team will begin the development of the solution at the earliest development slot and deliver the product as soon as development is complete where possible.

This is the best option for urgent features that add value to our products, it is the most popular option.


Custom Development

When unique solutions are required, such as custom integrations and or plug in solutions, Companion Systems is happy to scope and develop to meet needs.

We are also happy to partner with middleware development providers.

This is the option that handles everything else.

No matter the requirements, heavy duty solutions, light-weight cloud products or mobile apps, the talented team at Companion Systems will deliver the right solution, on time and on budget.